Kiley O’Neill (2019-Age 13-First Team Competition)

We love the unique opportunity that BOA creates for families to compete together. Below left is Lisa O’Neil (Mom) and Kiley O’Neil (Daughter) at our Charlotte, NC event at CrossFit Pineville. Below the pictures are personal comments from Kiley.


I enjoyed Battle of the Ages because it was very well put together and the workouts were fun. I had a good time being able to workout with my mom and other people from my gym. It was exciting being able to practice with other teams from CrossFit Belmont before competition day and all getting ready together. The people running it were very thoughtful and kind, and they always helped our team if we had questions. It was also very organized. I will definitely do it in the coming years and it is easily one of my favorite competitions.  - Kiley O’Neill.