Battle of the Ages Wants to Come to You!

Battle of the Ages(BOA) can help you raise your gym’s branding in the local community by bringing the fastest-growing function fitness competitions in the nation. You can join the boxes that have enjoyed the success of the BOA competition.

This what the staff at BOA provides for you and your box:

  • Provide a proven marketing system that informs the athletes of the competition and processes registrations.

  • We will solicit volunteers through social media and through the partner affiliate owner.  

  • Provide all score cards and score keeping software and system. 

  • Provide all T shirts

  • Provide all programming and standards information

  • Pay the affiliate a minimum amount for the day.

In return, this is what we will need from you and your box to ensure that we have a successful event. 

  • 5000 SF Plus indoor with outdoor area a plus

  • A clean box with equipment that will not be used for the comp moved out of the way. 

  • Two Timing Clocks

  • Parking to accommodate the event

  • Approx 20 Bars

  • 3000 Pounds bumpers

  • Assault Bikes

  • Rowers

  • 6 Racks

(*Your equipment requirements will depend on the number of teams that register for the event. )

Contact our founder, Kelly Olcott at or #404-606-4122