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About Battle of the Ages:

Battle of the Ages (BOA) was started by gym owner, Kelly Olcott of J-19 Crossfit. The competition was started two years ago in Birmingham, AL. The event was such a success that Kelly decided to start talking to other gym owners nationally. The concept caught on immediately and so far, Kelly has traveled to over 15 different cites to put on the BOA competitions.

Watch for yourself!

Olcott believes so much in the competition concept that he applied for and was granted a trademark for the Battle of the Ages competition. His gym, as with most Crossfit gyms, runs the gambit of ages from teenagers to retirement age athletes. All are just as competitive as any other athlete.

Kelly said of the idea, “I thought it would be awesome to create teams and let them compete. From there the concept just took off and everywhere we’ve done BOA the competitors and the box owners have loved it.”

BOA has had a variety of athletes compete from those just started out in the sport to seasoned athletes.  The beauty of the competition is that unlike others, the athlete’s ages are the same. This helps prevent sandbagging by more competitive athletes and levels the playing field.

Check out some of the Reviews from former competitors:

"I competed in the BOA NY event recently with my 14 year old daughter, who just started Crossfit after competing as a gymnast for 7 years. Kelly runs an awesome event, with a unique team construction requiring 4 different generations. This gave me the opportunity to create some memories with my daughter that I will always cherish. Great day, great competition, great guy (Kelly)! Give it a try fellow Cross fitters!" -- Anthony

"I started Crossfit a few months ago, I thought that this would be a good challenge for me. For three out of four of us this was our first competition! I would not have wanted to compete in any other competition as my first! The Crossfit community is AMAZING!!! This was by far my favorite day in the journey of healthy lifestyle! You can be sure that I WILL be competing in more competitions from now on!" - Larisa

"Outstanding event well run and most critically on time all day long. Events are well planned to work for all four decades competing and/or co-ed teams. The winners' prize bags and hardware are also out of this world good and unique. Great job Staci and Kelly." - Dion

"I thought it was awesome! And the atmosphere was great also , being paired up with your younger teammates and Designed so everyone can participate without approaching it as a daunting task but satisfied with emptying your tank and feeling like your part of a team where you pulled your own weight and weren't carried! Great job looking forward to next year!" -- Ralph

"Great challenging workouts. The idea of bringing decades together to compete is an awesome concept!! Closing out with rowing just put a bow on the great day!! One of the best run events I have been to. Can't wait for next year!!" - Randy

"These guys do an awesome job organizing the events. I just finished my second competition with them. Great energy, smoothly run, plenty of good sponsors and booths. Overall, it was a lot of fun." – Jason


Some of the best parts of the competition comes from the event itself. A short sample of the comments we get at BOA HQ are shown below:

· “This was my first competition, so it was all great. My favorite was that I was able to compete right alongside athletes who were either regional/games athletes or athletes who had the potential to make it there. It pushed me to work harder going against them.”

· "The schedule was great! Love that all teams did the same WODs in the same sequence. Well organized. Very timely."

· "Very well organized and on time. Very few events actually happen on time."

· "Best thing I thought was how smooth it was ran."

· “The whole atmosphere was amazing, and it was by far the best ran competition I've ever done.

· “The community between staff, competitors and getting to meet with the guy that started it all Kelly Olcott!”

· “It was great to have so many people represented from so many different places. Some people were good at lifting while others were good at gymnastics. Some were good at everything. It was wonderful to be part of this competition. I will definitely come back!”

As you can see, the results and reviews speak volumes for Battle of Ages. Contact Kelly Olcott today to find out how you can join the ranks of the boxes across the nation that have hosted this fast-growing and successful Crossfit competition.