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Kelly Olcott, owner of J-19 Crossfit started the BOA competition 2 years ago in Birmingham, AL. The event was so successful he started talking with other gym owners across the country. The concept has caught on and this year Kelly has traveled to more than 15 different cities helping put on the BOA competition. Watch for yourself!

We have all ages at our gym and our more mature population is just as competitive as the younger guys. I thought it would be awesome to create teams and let them compete. From there the concept just took off and everywhere we’ve done BOA the competitors have loved it.”

The reviews don’t lie.

"I competed in the BOA NY event this past Saturday, 9/2/17 with my 14 year old daughter, who just started Crossfit after competing as a gymnast for 7 years. Kelly runs an awesome event, with a unique team construction requiring 4 different generations. This gave me the opportunity to create some memories with my daughter that I will always cherish. Great day, great competition, great guy (Kelly)! Give it a try fellow Crossfitters!" -- Anythony

"I started crossfit a few months ago, I thought that this would be a good challenge for me. For three out of four of us this was our first competition! I would not have wanted to compete in any other competition as my first! The Crossfit community is AMAZING!!! This was by far my favorite day in the journey of healthy lifestyle! You can be sure that I WILL be competing in more competitions from now on!" - Larisa

"Outstanding event well run and most critically on time all day long. Events are well planned to work for all four decades competing and/or co-ed teams. The winners' prize bags and hardware are also out of this world good and unique. Great job Staci and Kelly." - Dion

"I thought it was awesome! And the atmosphere was great also , being paired up with your younger teammates and Designed so everyone can participate without approaching it as a daunting task but satisfied with emptying your tank and feeling like you're part of a team where you pulled your own weight and weren't carried! Great job looking forward to next year!" -- Ralph

"Great challenging workouts. The idea of bringing decades together to compete is an awesome concept!! Closing out with rowing just put a bow on the great day!! One of the best run events I have been to. Can't wait for next year!!" - Randy

"These guys do an awesome job organizing the events. I just finished my second competition with them. Great energy, smoothly run, plenty of good sponsors and booths. Overall, it was a lot of fun." -- Jason

What was your favorite part of Battle of The Ages? 

"The last workout. The entire event was AWESOME! I feel that everything was truly tailored to a "team" competition. You all did an excellent job making sure each event kicked off in a timely manner. The environment was competitive, yet very encouraging. If I can, I would love to participate next year!"

"The community"

"That it was a 4-person team and there were varied events that allowed all teammates to have a strength."

"Watching the lifts and HS walks."

"The schedule was great! Love that all teams did the same wods in the same sequence. Well organized. Very timely."

"Very well organized and on time. Very few events actually happen on time."

"Best thing I thought was how smooth it was ran."

"The whole event was well-run and organized and this is what makes a great event. The wods were feasible for all age groups and were truly a team effort. I have completed in many "team" events and so many have only 1 or 2 people completing at a time which is not a "team" in my opinion. ALL the BOA wods were team events." 

"Event 1 was my favorite event." 

"I liked that the WODS were all different tests of fitness and we had ample time to rest between each." 

Well organized and didn't last all day! 

Scoring was updated instantly.

Team aspect.

Meeting new people.

The variety of the WODs.

I heard a friend of mine say he wasn't interested in the event because it wasn't "crossfitty." I stared at him like he was an idiot. This event strips down an athlete to his core and tests his fitness in every regard individually. Strength, Gymnastics, Endurance, Conditioning, Speed. It was a great event.

The adrenalin high you get before each event and also watching others perform.

the camaraderie

I love the concept of it. I love being paired with all of the ages. 
We had two teams down there so it was fun to be there all together. 
The Wods were great. Testing lots of different stuff.

The last workout rowing as a team.

It might seem odd, but the judges were the best. All the ones we had were friendly, funny, supportive, encouraging, etc. I have been at comps where they just count the reps, don't talk to you, don't encourage you or honestly have no idea what they are judging. All of the ones we had at BOA were fair, seemed informed, knew standards, and for the most part, seemed consistent in standards between judges.

I believe it demanded more capacity to not only show skill but do it at a high level.

Everything was on time except last event and we were notified of a 10 min.

just seeing all the athletes from the different ages.

My favorite part of the sprinting event was being able to go all out with a crowd of athletes.

well run and organized, kept on time. good location/venue.

The actual rowing metcon. More metcons would make for a better event.


Good programming. Nice variety of events.

Competing with 3 of my role models!

Toes to bar and pull ups.

The whole atmosphere was amazing and it was by far the best ran competition I've ever done.

The high adrenaline rush of people destroying weight.

Figuring out who should lift one, and the ample time to find your max. 
And I just love to run!!

It was great to have so many people represented from so many different places. Some people were good at lifting while others were good at gymnastics. Some were good at everything. It was wonderful to be part of this competition. I will definitely come back.

Along with the lifting, the rowing was all about effective communication. Given that this is a team event, this was necessary - and fun!

The community between staff, competitors and getting to meet with the guy that started it all Kelly Olcott!

Just competing and the atmosphere! So much fun.

This was my first competition, so it was all great. My favorite was that I was able to compete right along side athletes who were either regional/games athletes or athletes who had the potential to make it there. It pushed me to work harder going against them.

Favorite part was how well it was run and ended mid day! 
Many of us have kids and it's so hard to be gone from 7am-7pm for a local competition. 
The wods were also a great test of fitness. You tested speed, running, gymnastics, lifting, metcon.

Everything ran on time and the judging was very fair. The event was super organized and professional. And the battle axes as trophies was brilliant. The workouts were great at getting teams to work together as well. Too often team comps don't really force team work, they are just individual events that combine scores to count as a team (see the 4 person superfit comps). BOA was all about team work. Well done.

Enjoyed the different events.....not just 3 or 4 WODs.

It was fast paced and you had to work out a strategy with your teammates in order to get all of the maxes as high as possible.

Running faster than other people. Oh, and one of our guys threw up after our heat. That was cool. 

By the way, there was no way that was 400 meters. Our split times were all sub 50 seconds. We're some fast guys, but not THAT fast. That hill was rough. In the future, a venue that actually plays towards that event would be best. Crossfit Pineville is a good gym, but not designed for a run like that - considering that the distance, nor the surface, was up to par. Everything else was fantastic.

My favorite part was seeing people of all ages on one team and competing together.

All of it was top notch. It was well organized and we'll put together. I loved being able to compete with other athletes as well as time to meet new people.

It was extremely well run and the events were fun because they were different! Lots of opportunities to showcase different skillsets!

Good location and everything went on schedule.