Demo videos coming soon.

Test # 1 - Max Clean - 12 Minutes

Any type of clean will be acceptable. Score will be total pounds accumulated by the team.

Test # 2 - Push - Pull - Row relay. 12 Minutes

The length of the push and pull will be 25'. The sled will be pushed in one direction and pulled by a rope in the other. Every five feet will be counted as a point. There will also be a rower at each station accumulating calories for points.

Test # 3 Thrust, Ride and Climb - For time with a 10 Min Cap

Thrusters - 50-40-30-20-10
Rope Climbs 5-4-3-2-1 (Scaled will start lying on the back and pull up to standing position)

Assault Bike - Calories will be counted as a separate score but must be completed during the 10 min cap.

Athletes will complete the thruster sequence above. Between rounds the rope climbs must be completed before the next round. Only one athlete has to complete the rope climbs.

Scaled will be starting from the laying down position with shoulder blades on the ground. Will pull to standing position.

Test # 4 - Subject to tweaks

With a time cap of 12 Mins.

3 Rounds
40 Pull Ups - Scaled Ring Rows
40 Double Unders - Scaled Singles
40 Burpee Box Jump Overs - Burpee Box Step Overs
40 Dead Lift - (Weight goes up every round)

Male RX 185,225,275
Mixed RX 155,205,245
Female RX 115,165,185
Male Scaled 115,165,205
Mixed Scaled 105,155,185
Female Scaled 95,105,135

If completed before the time cap complete as many bar muscle ups as possible with time remaining. Scaled will be pull ups.