The events may not be completed in this order.

WOD 1 -  Max Lifting - Each athlete on the team will perform one of the lifts. All lifts must be performed by one athlete.  The score will be a cumulative total of all four scores.  SCALED IS THE SAME.

The lifts are:  Overhead Squat , Bench Press , Squat Clean Thruster , Jerk (any type of jerk is acceptable.)

There will be 415 pounds at each station that will be shared. There will be two bars at each station. Only two bars can used.

There will be a 15 minute time cap on this workout. 

WOD 2 -  4 x 500 Meter Relay Row.  Each athlete will perform one 500 meter row. (score is your total time)  SCALED - 4 x 400.

WOD 3 This workout is for time with a 15 minute time cap. If the workout is not completed each rep left to be completed will be added as a second to your time. The tie breaker will be the time that the last station of work was completed. 

Male division weights. (4) - 70 LB KBs ,    (1)- 115LB Bar   

SCALED - 95 LB Bar and 53# KB's

Mixed division weights (2) - 53 LB KBs,  (2) - 70 LB KBs , (1)- 95 LB Bar   

SCALED - 75 # Bar and (2) 53# KB's and (2) 35# KB's

Female division weights (4) - 53 LB KBs , (1) - 75 LB Bar

SCALED - 55# Bar and (4) 35# KB's

All equipment will start on (4) 4x6 mats.

At 321 go all KBs and the weighted bar will be carried around a cone 25 meters and back. Once all athletes and equipment are back on the mats and the KBs are in the top of the deadlift position the lifting can begin. If any of the KBs touch the ground the lifting must stop. If lifting continues while KBs are on the ground the reps will not count. The KBs can be split up any way and can be exchanged among the athletes as long as they don't touch the ground.  This carry will happen at the start of the wod and happen again between each movement. The carry implement may vary to sandbags or farmer carry handles. 

Movements are:


40 Cleans - Split any way


40 Dead lift - Split any way


40 Shoulder to Overhead - Split any way


40 Thrusters


15 Minute AMRAP - 1 athlete works at a time.

50 Pull Ups

50 Box Jumps 20/24  - SCALED ALL 20 inch box step ups.

50 Double Unders - SCALED - Singles

50 Wall Ball Shots 20# for mixed and male 14# for female

50 HSPU - There will a 36" x 24" in box marked on the floor that the hands must stay inside.  

SCALED - Hand Release Push Ups.

*One athlete will also be accumulating max calories on the rower. Athletes can change at any time.