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Location: CrossFit J19 - 3414 A Lorna Lane, Hoover, AL 35216.  www.cfj19.com

Strength WOD - 15 Minute to complete. Each Team will have two bars. Female teams will have one female bar and one male bar. 

One athlete on the team must do one of the lifts. All lifts must be performed.  The score will be the cumulative of all four lifts combined. 

1. Snatch Complex = 1 Power snatch + 1 Hang snatch + 1 Full Snatch (The barbell may only touch and go at the floor between the hang snatch and full snatch). 

2. Clean Complex = 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Full Clean (The barbell may only touch and go at the floor between the hang snatch and full snatch). 

3. 3 Rep Max Over Head Squat - Lift will come out of the rack. Bar must start at the front rack or back rack position. With bar in the overhead position squat until the hip crease breaks the plane of the top of the knee. This must be performed three consecutive times with out taking the bar from the overhead position. 

4. 3 Rep Jerk Max - Lift will come out of the rack. Bar must go from front rack or back rack to controlled overhead with the feet together three consecutive times for the lift to count. 

Barbell WOD

This workout will be a 12 min AMRAP

Minute 1-4 Max effort bear complexes. Male RX 95 Mixed RX 75 Female RX 55 Male Scaled 75 Mixed Scaled 55 Female Scaled 35 

Minute 4-8 Max effort bear complexes. Male RX 115 Mixed RX 95 Female RX 75 Male Scaled 95 Mixed Scaled 75 Female Scaled 55

Minute 8-12 Max effort bear complexes. Male RX 135 Mixed RX 115 Female RX 95 Male Scaled 105 Mixed Scaled 85 Female Scaled 65

One round of the bear complex will be power clean or squat clean + plus front squat if doing a power clean plus a push press. You can do a front squat into a thruster. Back squat plus push press. Back squat can be into a back rack thruster. Arms must lock out on all push presses. Hip crease must break the plane of the knee on all squats.  If you are given a no rep athlete must complete a good rep before moving forward. 

The only time the bar can touch the ground is touch and go on the movements. When changing athletes the bar must not touch the ground. If the bar is left on the ground any longer than touch and go everyone on the team will be required to perform two burpees before proceeding. If the bar happens to stop at the ground during the complex that complex will be required to start at the beginning. 

Athletes can change out at any time. The score is the number of completed bear complexes.

Gymnastics/Skill Event

* One athlete will be holding the handstand position in order for the reps to count. Scaled will be headstand. 


20 Wall Climbs - Hands must pass behind a 18" tape mark off the wall. 24" for scaled. 

20 Box Overs 24/20 - Scaled will do step overs

20 T2B - Scaled will be knee tucks.

20 Wall Balls  - Male RX 20 10' Mixed RX 20 10' and 9' Female 14 9' Male Scaled 20 10' Mixed Scaled 14 10' and 9' Female Scaled 10 9'

20 Pull ups

Score is total number of reps.

Speed/Agility/Endurance Event

Maintain single consecutive rotation of athletes on the team throughout the entire event. 

Complete as many 10x 20x10 Meter shuttle runs as possible in 10 Mins. 

Score will be total number completed.